Congratulations to all the artists who participated in Reflections this year! All of the entries were spectacular! Below you will find a list of the winning entries and those moving on to the district level of competition. Congratulations and good luck at the District Competition!

Visual Art

“Every Student Has a Passion” by Sneha Murali (Gr. 7) 1st place
“Believe It, Build It” by Nimisha Thakur (Gr. 6) 2nd place
“Releasing Imagination” by Jennifer Yuan (Gr. 7) 3rd place
“Chase Your Dreams” by Trisha Venkatesan (Gr. 8)
“Reaching the Finish Line” by Bebe Schiff (Gr. 6)
“Disneyland” by Spencer Call (Gr. 8) 1st place


“Pinching the Point” by Fiona Wright (Gr. 7) 1st place
“The Sky is the Limit” by Ankita Kamti (Gr. 8) 2nd place
“Fall” by Ori Ben Itay (Gr. 6) 3rd place

Music Composition

“Skyscraper” by Richie Uthaisombut (Gr. 8) 1st place 
“No Restrictions” by Irene Vega-Hernandez (Gr. 6) 2nd place
“Courage” by Andrew Zhang (Gr. 8) 3rd place


“The Day Must Go On” by Ankita Kamti (Gr. 8) 1st place
“Escape From Fate” by Vineel Bhat (Gr. 7) 2nd place

Dance Choreography

“Reach for the Stars” by Onela Banerjee (Gr. 6) 1st place