Support the LWSD Bond and Levy Measures

January is going to be a busy month for advocacy! Please consider getting involved. Every voice helps. We need PTSA members to promote the LWSD bond and levy measures!

Here are some ways you can help:  

  • Put up a yard or car sign
  • Help with calling/doorbelling
  • Sign waving opportunities on Jan. 29th. Sign up here.

Contact Elaine Cox to HELP!

Top 3 Reasons to Vote YES on the LWSD Bond and Levies
  1. Addresses overcrowding and provides needed resources while reducing the tax rate. The bond provides more classroom space to relieve overcrowding in our district, which is now the third largest in the state. The levies ensure teachers have the resources they need to help students succeed. And, due to good fiscal planning, the LWSD tax rate will be reduced.
  2. Maintains and prioritizes most urgent needs for kids. These proposals prioritize our schools' most urgent overcrowding, education, safety, technology, and maintenance needs while reducing our tax rate. 
  3. Everyone benefits. Good schools and facilities positively affect our neighborhoods. 

Better schools help build a stronger community, which improves our quality of life, and keeps our neighborhoods desirable. For more information, visit the LWCLC website or the LWSD Bond and Levies website.


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Stagecraft - Behind the Scenes

Stagecraft provides the perfect opportunity for students who'd rather work behind the scenes. Learn how to safely use tools of the theatrical trade, from lighting to computer systems and shop tools. Students will be lead through the process of designing, building, painting, and installing sets.

We'll explore lights, sound, sets, props, costumes, and painting, and using the skills learned by providing technical support for Inglewood’s production of "Into The Woods."

  • 12-week after school program
  • Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Jan. 22nd - Feb. 24th from 4 - 5:30 p.m.
  • Location: CWU/YMCA (fka: Mars Hill Church), Sammamish
  • $225 per student


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